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Mera Wala Tractor
By understanding rural consumer and interest of adopting technology in their life, D&B designed a unique and innovative software based application to communicate with rural consumer effectively. Mera Wala Tractor is a flash based application which helps farmers to choose their tractor as per their requirement & also allows TG to understand the product features with AV demonstration. It is an interactive and entertaining tool to educate and spread awareness amongst the mass audience on the new series. It helps customers to understand their requirement & it also helps dealers/business partners to suggest a suitable product option to the farmers.
Jai Kisan Series
Ab Kaam Jaisa, Tractor Waisa
Activity Background: The plan was to start with a big bang launch with a complete ATL & BTL presence to maximize the reach. BTL task was to create awareness about its new series ValueMaxx, AgMaxx, LoadMaxx, SuperMaxx and InfraMaxx in the deep rural market and help to drive footfalls at the dealerships, fuel demands in the targeted masses& push sales. Approach: A move from product to solution selling Media solution: D&B designed a combination of various interactive solutions to educate rural India
Ayurvet Limited
Mastilep – Mastrip
Hygiene for Human and Animal Health
Importance of hygiene management for human and animal health established “Mastrip” and “Mastilep” gave the concept of hygiene and helped in prevention of their diseases ‘Mastrip’ was given the name- “Jaadu ki patti” by the villagers. Efficacy of herbal medicines in prevention & treatment got established  With proper hygiene management, livestock owners were able to improve human and animal health through proper hygiene management. Farmers were able to cut down on the treatment cost of mastitis by using “Mastrip” for early diagnosis & “Mastilep” as a preventive measure.
Improving Animal Health & Farm Profits
We receive many of letters every week from farmers either expressing their appreciation of the programme and product. In the year 10-11 we have trained more than 150 farmers at our Centre at Chidana, Sonipat, Haryana. Even women join our training centre to avail the benefits of training. A large number of customers take yearly subscription of our magazine. Our motto of providing animal health with traditional knowledge & Modern research has spread.   Our motto is to reach maximum farmers to share knowledge and improve animal health using traditional knowledge & Modern research.
Ayurvet Limited
Integration of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture
 We undertook the mass campaign amongst the dairy and agriculture farmers and undertook the demonstration of the model. The Department of Biotechnology under societal project approve an amount of Rs. 1.54 Crores towards the project. The Technology Demonstration Centre (TDC) have been established . Each TDC consists of Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponic fodder production machine, Biogas, silage and Vermicompost unit.   Farmers have started inclination towards converting the cowdung into compost for organic farming. Converting the cowdung into biogas. This initiative have shown improvement in the soil humus and has also led to better socio-economic status through entrepreneurial training , which led to self employment. The revenue earned by the rural youth is ranging from Rs.3000 – 5000/- monthly
IDEA-MayaBazar” activity in Andhra Pradesh
Mahindra Samriddhi Agri Awards
Mahindra Technology Mahotsav
Technology Mahoutsav- never used media
Mahindra Khiladi No. 1
Mahindra Samriddhi