Career Opportunities in Rural Marketing (Panel Discussion)

This exclusive Panel Discussion was focused on 'Career Opportunities in Rural Marketing', held during the grand finale ceremony of 14th Flame Student Awards.

Grand Finale Ceremony: 14th RMAI's Flame Student Awards

The virtual gala ceremony recognized the best of projects by management students from across India in rural segment and ended with announcement of the Top-3 winners for the edition.

Omnichannel Strategies to re-invent Rural Commerce

A webinar focused on how brands are leveraging the blend of offline and online channels and reinventing their omnichannel strategies for rural commerce.

Emerging role of Technology in Rural Consumer Goods & Services Redistribution

Session focused on how rural redistribution have evolved during the past decade and how the marketeers have used technology in harnessing the same.

Startups - The Disruptors of the Decade

The session was focused on how over the past decade startups has been disrupting and redefining rural India.

Evolution of Indian Agriculture & Allied Sectors

How the #IndianAgriculture and Allied-sectors transformed in the past decade by diving into different policies and reforms

The Evolving Healthcare Models for Rural

Industry experts discussed on amalgamation of re-aligned focus on rural healthcare over the decade.

Journey of Media - Dark, Grey & White

To shed light over the changes and how it has evolved over the years, a panel-discussion focused on the Journey of Media in rural India.

Tab aur Ab - Evolution of Rural Marketing

A curated fireside chat discussed the evolution of #ruralmarketing over the decade.

Vernacular, Video and Vyaapar driving the Internet Revolution in Rural India

How rural growth is fueled by greater digital & #financial inclusion? How the aspirational rural #youth who is growing up in #digitalfirst world is making way for rural e-commerce?