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Khushaali ki Gaadi
Nokia Net Ka Guru
graam vani
rural social media
Colgate Dental Cream
Future Learning (FCRL) of Future Group
Skill Development & Employability Project
SGSY Special Project supported by Ministry of Rural Development & Nabcons
Event Crafter
Airtel HAMARI Guddi
Event crafter
Airtel Lakshya
Event crafter
Behtar Zindagi,”
5400 Villages of Rajasthan across its 32 districts The promotions covered the adjoining villages in the 32 districts of Rajasthan which fell under the 6 zones of Airtel.
1800 van days covering equal number of BTS across Rajasthan 5400 Villages were covered by 40 promotional units in a span of 45 days Approx. 75000 new Airtel Activations were generated through a team of 160 promoters working through those days An Approx. 18000 MNPs were pulled from the competition 22000 subscription base was added and activated for Handygo’s product Behtar Zindagi with over 27000 inquiry forms were filled, creating a huge database for the company to further add on the numbers.
Ab Roshni Se Seencho….
Desh ki Buniyaad, Desh ka Pehla Inverter Tractor
During the campaign, brand message was directly conveyed to approx. 3.5 lakhs rural consumers through Skit & Flipchart.  Brand exposure to approx. 5 lakhs people through the primary visibility media (branded van), reminding media (banners, posters & leaflets) & other initiatives (audio announcement, reaching influencers, etc)  Generated approx. 2000 lead within 400 days i.e. 5 leads a day and 2 leads per village. It means 2 out of 56 people visited to van shown interest on the spot, although the purchasing new tractor is not an easy or quick decision for farmers.