Managing Director
Midas Next Media

Deepak Pawar

Spearheading MidasNext for a little over two and a half decades, Mr.  Pawar, the Managing Director of MidasNext, believes the values and creativity he had envisioned to build more integration within the advertising community and push the envelope has matured into the core values at MidasNext making them a benchmark for experiential marketing in the industry.

With his focused approach, Deepak and MidasNext have been able to thrive and become successful against everything the industry has thrown at them. Deepak has about twenty-six years of experience managing MidasNext using his skills and ability to elevate the brand to a whole new level of success while offering pioneering solutions the industry hasn’t seen before.

Marketing and Management have always been Deepak’s first love. He founded MidasNext with the sole idea of delivering experiences to the consumers of his clients. Their belief of providing the best to their clientele has propelled MidasNext to become a favourite among the big names within the marketing community.

With industry expertise and a focused approach MidasNext has bagged forty-five awards till date, today; and its offices are operating out of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore with partners around the country.

Out of the many projects undertaken by Deepak, introducing Bungee Jumping for the first time in India was where it all started nationally with experiential marketing. Participating cities included Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad which saw an extraordinary turnout recording a campaign high of five thousand plus jumps.

From 1998 to 2001, Deepak worked on various major projects that include but were not limited to Lee Dance Furnace, Levi’s Rock City, Timex Jazz by Night and managed the grandest weddings for both the sons of GRM Group’s Mr. G. M. Rao.

Most recent of Deepak’s work include product launches of industry leading brands such as Ponds for their starlight launch, BRU for their Karnataka range launch and Pure Derm Shampoo launch integrating new concepts such as augmented reality to the mix.

Amidst all the glamour and the flamboyant attitude, the industry is known for, Deepak is a down to earth person who is focused on delivering indelible experiences to consumers. His core team and his agency’s members are like a family to him. He identifies their strengths, their visions, hones their skills and makes it a point to help them improve in life and sustain it.