Anyone with interest in Rural Marketing can become a full member of RMAI with voting rights.

Associate Members

Those individuals who are not regular members but are interested in the progress and growth of Rural Marketing like Academics, Students of Rural Marketing etc. and subscribe to the objects of the Association, will be known as "Associate Members". Such members are admitted to attend Conventions, Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Work-shops and such other meets organised by the Association. An associate member will have no voting rights nor can be nominated to the office of the Executive Committee.

Application for membership shall be in the prescribed form signed by the applicant and accompanied by a remittance of yearly subscription along with admission fee. On such application being approved by the Executive Committee, the applicant shall become a member.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to accept or reject the application for membership without assigning any reason. The money received will be refunded if the application is not approved. Applicant organisation / individuals will have to satisfy the association regarding their financial stability and healthy payment policy supported with the submission of their service Tax no. and IT Pan No. along with Xerox copies of the original certificate for these.

Corporate / Institutional Members

Rural Marketing Specialists and / or such commercial and other organisations such as Vendors, Advertising, Advertisers, Suppliers, and/or any educational or other institutes with interest in Rural Marketing shall be eligible to become members of the Association and they shall be called "Corporate or Institutional Members" with voting rights.

Each corporate/ institutional member shall be entitled to nominate a maximum of five persons from its organization to participate in the affairs of the Association and each of these nominees shall enjoy the same rights and privileges to which the individual members are entitled.

Corporate members are also eligible to nominate additional members (over and above the five) as 'Add-on Members'. These members may be admitted to the Association without entrance fee, but paying individual membership fee.

Individual Members

Rural Marketing Specialists and /or any individuals with an interest in Rural Marketing shall be eligible to become members of the Association and they shall be called "Individual Members" with voting rights.

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