Entry Guidelines


Entry guidelines for the 5th annual awards for best summer projects in Rural Marketing


RMAI (Rural Marketing Association of India) is an industry body of strategic thinkers and implementation agencies in rural marketing domain. The objectives of the association are:

  • To set industry benchmarks in areas of performance evaluation and financial practices.
  • To improve the overall understanding of rural markets by the corporate world by conducting seminars, workshops and conferences, besides offering guidance to management institutes in running courses in rural marketing.
  • To undertake syndicated research in rural marketing on selected topics, which will help increase the knowledge base of rural marketers and in turn could help marketers develop better and more effective rural marketing strategies.

RMAI is happy to announce 5th edition of ‘Awards for Best Summer Projects in Rural Marketing’ by students from premier management schools across the country.



  • Institute should send a consent letter regarding participation to RMAI.
  • Each Institute can nominate maximum of 5 projects for the awards.
  • RMAI has nominated a panel of judges who will evaluate the projects are
Prof. S. Neelamegham, Mr. Mayank Pareek, Mr. R. V. Rajan,


NIILM Centre for Management Studies

Managing Executive Officer

(Marketing and Sales)

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Chairman , Anugrah Madison

Past President, RMAI


Coordinator: Ms. Shrija Venugopal, Executive Secretary RMAI. email: secretariat@rmai.in
  • Top 10 entries will be invited to an Awards Event where each project team will make a presentation. Following awards will be given at the well attended ceremony
Gold: A Trophy and Cash award for  Rs   50,000
Silver: A Trophy and Cash award for  Rs   30,000
Bronze: A Trophy and Cash award for  Rs   20,000
  • The remaining entries will be given certificates of merit.
  • ‘Rural Summer Awards Event 2011 to be held on September 28th 2011 at IIC Delhi, will be an interaction point for academicians, industry and others.


The last date for submitting entries is 7th August, 2011. The top 10 selected entries will be informed by mail latest by the 30th August 2011




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Please contact Shrija Venugopal – 9910023628 or secretariat@rmai.in


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Kota Mela


The two-week long festival starts from the day of Dusshera. This festival is famous in Rajasthan for enjoyment and shopping. This festival is organized by the local administration and draws huge crowd from all over Rajasthan. Around 500 stalls are fabricated in a huge ground dedicated to the Dusshera festival. Giant wheels, Merry go rounds are a part of this festival. A Handicraft and cattle fair run parallel to the festival.

Kota Mela
State Location Dates Duration
Rajasthan Kota 9th- 19th Oct 11Days
Visitors Profile
Foot fall Rural Urban
8 Lacs 68% 32%

Sonepur Mela


“Sonepur Mela”- Asia’s fantastic and largest cattle fair is held at Sonepur, on the banks of the River Ganga. The month long fair is held on the full moon day of Kartik and all manners of domestic and farm animals, decorated for the occasion swarm the venue are bought and sold. It is one of the most ancient fairs in India and also steeped in mythology and folklore. During this month long festival, over 10 million people from all over Bihar and neighboring states visit this festival. The mammoth size of the festival makes it marketing heaven for diverse brands.

Sonpur Mela
State Location Dates Duration
Bihar Sonpur 1st Nov to 30 Nov 30Days
Visitors Profile
Foot fall Rural Urban
50Lacs 85% 15%

Kullu Dusshera


Dussehra’s 9 days of festivities begin on the first day of the Hindu month of Ashwin. This is held in honor of Raghunath ji, whose image resides at the Raghunathpura mountain temple. Surrounded by about 200 other important gods hung with elaborate garlands, he looks absolutely splendid. Brahmin and VIP’s take him in a Rath that is first circled. Next there’s a mad scramble as everyone tries to help pull it, since this privilege is considered a symbol of good fortune. Men, women young and old flock to Kullu from surrounding hilltops and states to Kullu Valley to celebrate the festival. Parallel to the festival Distt. Administration celebrates the festival by organising cultural activities. National and International Celebrities perform in this cultural show.

Kullu Mela
State Location Dates Duration
Himachal Pradesh Kullu 17 -25 Oct 9Days
Visitors Profile
Foot fall Rural Urban
5Lacs 60% 40%

Bali Yatra


Kartik Purnima is the day when the famous Baliyatra (voyage to Bali) is celebrated. Ancient Orissa had a glorious maritime tradition in which merchants from Kalinga sailed to distant lands like Java, Sumatra, Indonesia and Srilanka. The merchants, known as Sadhabas, were said to have set out on their voyages after a ritual worship and offerings and prayers by their womenfolk for their safe journey. Therefore, for the Oriyas, this day is a nostalgic remembrance of their seafaring ancestors. To recapitulate this ancient tradition, most port towns observe the elaborate Boita Bandana (worship of boats) ceremony. Invariably fairs and exhibitions are also a part of these celebrations. The most colorful and grand fair is of course held in the silver city of Cuttack. Traders from all over the State flock to Cuttack to participate in the Baliyatra held near the ancient Barabati Fort. This 7 - 9 day event has now become a largest trade fair in Orissa.

Bali Yatra
State Location Dates Duration
Orrisa Gadgadia Ghaat 21st Nov to 1st Dec 11Days
Visitors Profile
Foot fall Rural Urban
50Lacs 55% 45%